A Good Reminder

A Good Reminder

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.”  II Peter 3:18
This past weekend our church ventured out into a new kind of ministry.  We had tried the same ministry last year but this year we put our hearts, souls, and wallets into seeing what God might do through it. To be honest, I was pretty wishy washy about the whole thing.  I was not sure if the event would be ministry or simply a fun evening.  We worked hard to make sure that all things pointed to Jesus and that the gospel was presented.  We believe that God was glorified and I found, personally, that God taught me many new things.  Most of those things are too personal to share but it was a great reminder to me that one of the ways that we grow to know the Lord is to place ourselves in new situations.  Certainly we grow through daily obedience, daily time in his word, fixing our eyes on Jesus, hearing the Word, etc but we also learn about him through seeking to serve him in new ways.  Stepping out from our daily routines and seeking new ways to minister.
That is why announcement time at church is so important.  (A shameless but important plug)  We should use this time to listen to what the Spirit of God may be trying to say to us.  Is there a need that we have never considered but that the Spirit might want us to try?  Maybe you never pictured yourself as someone who would find joy in cooking 200 hot dogs but that might be exactly where the Spirit wants to teach you more about the grace of God.  You might never have thought you would see Jesus in a fresh way by participating in … but that is exactly where he might be.  
I saw the Spirit work in so many ways this past weekend.  Some of his work I am still trying to figure out but I am learning to accept that he works, sometimes, in mysterious ways.  At least they are mysterious to me.  This might be a hazard of growing old and pigeon holing how God wants to use me.  I am just stoked that he allowed me to see his handiwork.  I am glad that we, as a church, sought to minister in this new way.  Don’t be stuck in your ways.  Listen to and follow the Spirit’s guidance as he leads you into new ways to minister.  What you believe is your weakness, might just be where God wants to show himself strong to you and through you.  Think outside your box and allow the Spirit to direct you to new adventures in ministry.  

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