Today's a Good Day

Today’s a Good Day

I thought today would be a good day to remind everyone to take some time and be amazed at our great God.  Maybe it has been a while, or you have been busy, or maybe things have been kind of rough and your eyes and hearts have been elsewhere.  The Lord shifted my eyes the other day and it warmed my heart.  I pray that he does the same for you today.
We could spend our moment or two together and talk about some of the great doctrines of the Word of God.  Often in my study, I have to stop and simply be amazed at who God is and what he has done.  Just this morning I was meditating on how God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Such a constant strength in my life.  The more time you spend with those great truths, the more your mind is blown.  But today I just want you to stop and smell the roses.  I was driving the other day and suddenly I was struck with the pungent odor of a skunk.  Not quite roses but it got my attention.  He or she must have just recently sprayed.  I could barely get my window shut and my vent turned off.  The odor filled the car, burnt my nose a little bit, and made me exclaim.  Some of you may enjoy the smell of skunks but I am not a fan.  As I drove on and the smell began to dissipate, God turned my thoughts to himself. I just kind of blurted out, “Why did God ever create the skunk with that kind of defense system”?  I am sure you have asked yourselves these kinds of questions before.  When God was creating all the animals, how did he ever think up things like skunk stink, eel goo, cat hair balls, pistol shrimp (loudest animal on earth), the horned lizard that shoots blood from it’s eyes, octopus who have three hearts and 9 brains, cockroaches who can live weeks after their heads are cut off, and what about those giant squid that hardly anyone has ever seen?  Is it not amazing how often God reminds us of his greatest through these kinds of moments?  We are almost overwhelmed by life and then we stop and see the beauty and vibrancy of a flower.  We are immediately reminded that God takes care of this very flower. We are enthralled by the vibrancy of color and I often wonder why he also made them smell so good?  Maybe we feel lost and alone and so we wander out into the night and see the stars.  As we see our smallness in the number of stars we then remember that God calls them all by name.  His care for the stars will never compare to the care he gives to us each day.  He sees us, knows us, and walks with us.  He not only knows our names but Ps 139 tells us he knows each time we sit down and stand up.  Why?  Why does he know that about us? Because he loves us in deeper and fuller ways than we will ever know and knowing these little things about us allows us to rejoice in his knowledge of us. I might tell my kids that ‘I love you to the moon and back’ and they might feel good about this figure of speech but it really makes no sense.  But it makes perfect sense to me when it says that ‘God knows the number of hairs on my head’ because I know that it is a fact and not some made up phrase to make me feel better. God knows me so well, he is so aware of my life, that at any moment I could ask him how many times I have sat down and stood up or how many hairs on my head and he would know.  Intimate knowledge by an almighty God.  Like smelling salts to the soul, smelly skunks remind me of his greatness and his amazing care for each of his creations.
The smelly skunk was a reminder to me of the grace of God in giving us such a variety in nature.  He always does more than we can imagine or think.  He did not simply give us one kind of tree or one kind of flower.  When he created life he created such a variety to remind us of the totality of his blessings to us.  Today is a good day to not only be reminded of how he has blessed us but to also enjoy it as well.  Go outside.  Count the stars.  Think of their names.  See the bleak skies and the leave less trees and be reminded that tomorrow Spring will come.  Your life is truly blessed.  Today enjoy the reminder of his coming goodness and blessings.  See the hand of God that is so evident all around you. Watch some grass grow, notice all the animals, listen to a squirrel chatter and maybe you will get lucky and smell the beauty of a skunk.

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