Heavy Day

Heavy Day

I am forgetful and I am also unaware of everyone’s situation.  I would encourage you to leave us a comment if you are in need of prayer and support and I have missed you.  But I do know a few requests and many of them hit on today...so I would ask you to stop and pray with us today.  Thank you.

Gail has surgery today on her sinuses.
Mitzi has an appointment to determine if they can help with the pain in her knee.
Diana had a triple chemo treatment yesterday.
Tina believes the doctors have finally helped her knee but is sick from the pain meds.
Regina is doing radiation.
Don has surgery for his bladder cancer on Monday.
Ed’s mom and brother in law each find out today if their cancer has spread.
Kathy fell months ago but her leg is still giving her terrible trouble.
Sue struggles with her balance and vertigo still.
Bill is struggling with his health.
Judy struggles with her arthritis.
Marriages are in rough patches and face financial struggles.

I know there are more.  Some suffer in silence.  Others face every day with emotional or physical pain.  Most are able to continue to function in life but the struggles are real.  They are reminded every day that this is not heaven.  Yet, they still praise God.  They still face each day with courage, strength, and even joy.  God is their strength.  He is their very present help in their times of trouble. I love that idea that God is a “very” present help in time of trouble.  People try, but they cannot always be there.  They cannot always be as sensitive and aware as they should be.  They have their own burdens to bear.  But Jesus, he is a very present help.  

So, we join them in prayer today.  We carry them today as the four friends carried the paralytic to Jesus.  We believe, as they did, that they need, first and foremost, to be at the feet of Jesus today. If they cannot get there themselves, then we will carry them there.

I know many that read this are not part of our church.  Thank you for joining with us in prayer.  Thank you for allowing us to share our burdens with you.  We are more than certain that Jesus cares and it reminds us of his great work in our lives when others show they care also.

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