Ouch, That Hurts, it is Freeing, but it Hurts

Ouch, That Hurts, it is Freeing, but it Hurts

Have you ever taken notice of how much power people have over your life, feelings, and general outlook of each day?  Someone says a passing comment, you initially laugh it off, but the more you think about it, the more you have a bad day?  People fail to meet your expectations and it depresses you.  Your boss does not respond to that great idea that you knew you had?  Folks went to lunch and didn’t bother to ask you.  I think that the only way for some of these issues, and there are a myriad more, not to bother us is if we just don’t care.  The problem with that is that Word of God continually commands us to love, care, and be involved with people.  Of course, the Bible does not command us to allow our lives to be driven by prople but, unfortunately, too often, our obedience to the command to be involved and to care leads to broken expectations, hurts, and rejections (that was a lot of commas). Is there any relief from those pains?  Yes!!  Keeping our eyes, focus, and identity in and on Jesus is key.  I also believe that being honest with ourselves will also help free us from this kind of bondage.  Here are a few ways you can allow the Spirit of God to kick you in the seat of your heart so that you can be more patient and loving towards others.

1) Are the difficulties you are facing due to the fact that you are harboring sin in your life?  The Bible promises that sin makes our life hard and complicated.  Too often we over look the sin in our lives being the reason our lives are difficult right now.  Acts 5:6

2) Have you been faithful in doing what you are asking others to do?  I had a friend who was injured and he was complaining to me that no one called him while he was missing church.  I reminded him that I called him, I commiserated with him about no one else calling, and then I asked him when was the last time he called someone who was missing from church?  We reap what we sow.  Gal 6:7

3) If love covers a multitude of sins (I Pet 4:8) am I being more unloving by not seeking to understand why people have been unloving to me?  Shouldn’t my love seek to love others enough to put their life into context so that I may help them with what they are struggling with?  My dad had a bad habit when someone would honk at him when a light just turned green.  He told me that he used to wait until it just turned red and then he would go through it and keep that other person waiting for the next light.  He did that until he began to grow in Christ and he began to be empathetic to that person behind him.  Sure he might just be an impatient jerk, but he also might be on the way to the hospital to see a very sick friend.  He might be late for work and is afraid of being fired.  So, he erred on the side of love and simply let love cover that quick horn.  He also read too many stories about road rage and how many people carry a gun.  You do not know what that other person’s life is all about right now.  Their rudeness and insensitivity might just be preoccupation.  I Cor 13:7

4) Are you sure?  We have a tendency, once the ball gets rolling, to see everything as negative.  We feel neglected, rejected, or hurt and so we see everything through those lenses.  Sometimes our truth is not really the truth.  Emails and social media have really exasperated this problem.  We read the wrong intent into what is said and then we stew on it for days.  We seek to justify our hurts and we fail to see the blessings that God has brought into our lives.  We only see the ten who did not call and not the three who did.  We only hear the one negative comment and not the five compliments.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give you clearer eyes.

These are not meant to say all issues and problems are your issue and problems.  Living and caring for sinners is a messy business.  This little blog is simply trying to get us to stop and realize that we are not above all of these problems.  We are right in the middle of them.  What we hold people accountable to is also our problem.  Even if we are great in that one area (we are never rude by being late) we are not so great in others areas.  Let’s cut each other a break. Seek peace.  Seek unity.  Seek to love.  We will find great freedom in pursuing those things.

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