A Good Thing

A Good Thing

How romantic of a couple are you?  Are you the couple that constantly speaks of marrying their best friend?  Do you have pet nicknames for each other?  Do you constantly finish each other’s sentences and then giggle about it?  Maybe you know what the other person is thinking before they say it and their thoughts do not include nasty comments about something you just said?  I believe, on a romantic scale of one to ten, my wife and I may be in the negative numbers. We do not stare into each other’s eyes, when we go out to eat we speak about how we should have invited another couple, and for our anniversary this year we are watching our four grandchildren and their dog for a week while my son and daughter in law go to Hawaii. Yea!!
We do, sometimes, buy mushier cards for each other and then underline the words (that means you really mean them) but we never get them at CVS, too expensive.  Dollar Store is our go to place.  So, since today, we celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss (we have been married 38 but I figure we have fought for about a total of 3 years, so we go with 35 years of bliss) I decided to dedicate this blog to my wife. I will go with the inspired, holy, inerrant, Word of God for my romance.
“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” Prov 18:22.  Not the Song of Solomon but a fine piece of writing and some truly solid truth.  I am not sure how much being called a “good thing” tugs at a wife’s heartstrings but it is the Word of God. Maybe my wife would rather be called wild thing, or sexy thing, or hot thing?  Now that I think about it, the problem may be with the word “thing” more than the adjective describing it.  Notice, that it does not say a good wife, or a beautiful wife, it just says, “a wife”.  I am not sure, but I believe that may be an insult to men. The fact that any woman would want to live with us, is a gift to us.
Men, it is that last phrase that should set our hearts toward our wives. Our wives are a conduit of favor and blessing from the Lord.  Your wife is a grace gift from God into your life and that is a good thing.  Our lives are blessed and better because of our wives.  I know that is true in my life.  I am truly blessed.  I have three children who love the Lord and desire to follow him.  They have married spouses who also love the Lord.  They are raising their children to follow Jesus.  Our lives have been blessed with more than what we need and with relatively good health.  I know and rejoice in those graces from God but I am also convinced that our lives have blessed due to the faithfulness of my wife.  She gets up early every morning to read the Word and to pray for each member of the family. She gives her whole heart to her children, their spouses, and their children.  She opens her home every Sunday night, she seeks to use Friday or Saturday nights to have people over, she feels deeply for those who are hurting, she rarely stops being busy, she truly honors her parents and my mom, and she serves in Nursery, AWANA, Choir, visits with me, and truly loves being in every service at church.  To me, she is a perfect pastor’s wife.  
One of the stresses that my wife and I often face is what to do with our time off.  We rarely agree on what we want to do for fun.  We disagree about where to eat out.  Figuring out how to bring peace to the Middle East is probably easier than the two of us picking a movie on Netflix.  It is not that we fight over these things, otherwise our lack of wedded bliss would be longer than three years, it is just that we are not in agreement about these things.  But in the scope of life, these little annoyances are not that important.  You may not think that Prov 18:22 is a very romantic verse but it truly moves my heart toward my wife when I think of how much she has brought the Lord’s favor into my life.  She is, because of the Lord, an amazing grace.  My life is so much better because my wife is in it.  Plus she is pretty nice to look at!  These truths make me appreciate her more and pray that I am the same blessing in her life as well.
Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary to my wife, Nancy.  A truly godly women who brings God’s favor into every life she touches. Beautiful inside and out.

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