This Thing Called Love

This Thing Called Love

I have been doing some thinking.  This always scares me because I know the limitations of my abilities.  Not wanting to be the only one meditating on this, I share my thoughts with you.  Which one do you think more closely resembles the love of God for us:
1) God, knowing our lostness, realizes that we are the pinnacle of his creation and so he decides to send Christ down from heaven to provide salvation for us.  Thus, this act of love demonstrates to us our value and worth as found in his great love.
2) God, knowing our lostness, realizes we have lost all worth and value as sin has destroyed any dignity or purpose we might have served, so he has pity on us and out of his great love, he sends Christ down from heaven to provide salvation for us.  Thus, this act of love leads me to fall on my knees in worship of him.
As I meditate on these things I find myself finding truth in both statements.  God did not send Jesus to save the cows.  The Word shares with me that I have more value than the sparrows (Matt 10:31). Paul, though, does admit that while he is not worse than others, he then admits that he is nothing (II Cor 12:11b).  The Psalmist calls himself a worm...translation is really a grub but I do not find that much better.  I do find comfort in the truth that God’s love drove him to see me as worth saving.  While I find comfort in that, I struggle to find value.  I do not believe that the love of God was motivated in any value that I have but was motivated out of the truth that he is love.  That love, bestowed on me, gives me value, purpose, and glory in him.  
These distinctions make a difference.  While it is true that God sent Jesus to save me and not the cows, I do not spend my day looking for the value that God saw in me.  That search is futile and exhausting.  It is similar to what my old friend used to say, “It is like nailing jello to a tree.  Once you think you have it, it falls off again.” No matter what I find that I think gives me value, I find, eventually that it has been ruined by sin.  So instead, I spend my days exploring the inexhaustible love of God.  It is there that I find my confidence and joy.  I find a new life that has great worth and purpose.  I find that God has recreated me, and while I have not arrived yet, I will one day be fully glorified with him.  
Unfortunately, every day I also struggle with my old self.  I make things completely about me.  I try to do what only God can do, in my own strength.  I spend hours trying to build myself up, only to fail miserably.  I misuse verses and make them about me...I can do all things through Christ...and then I try to do what I want to do.  I lose my confidence.  I lose my joy.  I forget that all that I am, all that I will ever be is found in him.  Repentance is the only answer.  Turn my eyes upon Jesus, look full into his lovely face...fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.
Yes, Jesus died for me and not the cows.  But in that truth I must see more of him and not more of me.  Truth is that Jesus did die for some ruined, destroyed, worthless, sinners.  Instead of searching for your value, rest in his love.

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