Let me remind you of something you all ready know.  There is about a million (maybe more if I want to use hyperbole) false gods out there that are vying to run your life.  We are aware of those that are found in false teachings and we have learned to stay away from them.  The problem is that there are tons of false gods that are very subtle and they end up sneaking into our lives.  Listen to this verse, “They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption.  For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.”  II Peter 2:19.  Too many people, who have our ear, are pumping untruth into our heads.  They promise freedoms that they cannot deliver and their untruths, if we buy them, end up enslaving us.  Let’s talk about a few.
The obvious example is those false teachers who continually preach that if we follow what they say, then we will be safe.  Now, like all false teachers, there is an element of truth in what they say.  Taking precautions and being wise can help keep us healthy.  But it is possible to turn what they are saying into principles that drive your whole life.  These principles begin to effect every decision in your life.  The goal of your life becomes being safe rather than glorifying God.  Believing that you can be free from sickness, you diligently obey the rules.  Whoopi Goldberg this past week expressed shock when she contacted a virus.  She stated that she followed all the rules and guidelines and expected to always be safe.  This kind of thinking can overwhelm all other thinking.  We ignore our need to be with other people, we only go out when we have to, and we discipline our lives to follows the guidelines.  Our belief that we will be safe and free from harm...overwhelms us and ends up enslaving us.  Even our obedience to God is placed under our desire to be safe.  We are not free to follow the will of God unless it fits within our ideas about being safe.  We end up being enslaved by something that began as wise but promised something it could not deliver.
Another false god is one that catches many believers off guard.  The idea that true freedom comes to those who are able to control their own life is a false god that appeals to all of us.  We want to be the ones who determine our schedules every week, we want to choose our plans and priorities, we want to determine how we spend our money, and we are responsible for our own lives.  This false god is devious and deadly.  To fully understand how deadly, we must acknowledge and learn the truth that Jesus is our Lord.  We must be able to hold this truth up as light that shines into the darkness of us being in control.  As believers, this is not up for debate or only true in some people’s lives, this is a truth that stands no matter how we live.  We do not crown Jesus as King.  He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and he rules and reigns over our whole lives.  Whether we recognize it or not.  True freedom comes when we choose to live our lives with Jesus as King.  That means, when we fail to recognize him as King, when we live our lives as if they are our own, we are living in a lie.  All lies, all sin, lead to destruction.  What we believe is freedom is really a lie that will overwhelm and enslave us.  That which we think will bring satisfaction or freedom, will bring destruction and enslavement.  When we make our schedules and choose our priorities without a recognition of the Lordship of Christ in our lives, those priorities will entrap us.  How many weeks have you felt that our schedule was running you instead of you running your schedule?  How often do you feel as if life has become out of control?  The money that you thought would give you freedom, has you trapped and enslaved.  We cannot escape the truth that what we allow to overwhelm us, will enslave us.  Our desire to be in control easily overwhelms us.
What is overwhelming you today?  Worry?  Fear of Man?  Life being out of control?  Fear?  Anger?  Lust?  That which overwhelms us, enslaves us.  Following Jesus does not limit or hinder anything good in your life.  It releases all the blessings of God.  Surrendering your life for him brings true freedom.  Walking in faithful obedience to him might bring troubles or might place you in situations that are less safe.  But Jesus promises that he will protect and provide.  He guarantees that the safest place is always in his arms.  Let’s help each other stop living as slaves and start enjoying the freedom that walking with Christ brings.

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