Stayed on Him

Stayed on Him

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.  Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.” Is 26:3,4

So, I had cataract surgery on Tuesday.  I was not too nervous about someone poking me in the eye but I was nervous about making the decision to buy the expensive lens.  The whole premise was that I did not want to have to wear readers.  Taking them on and off in the pulpit just seemed like way too much of a hassle. I am goofy looking enough without being so distracting by taking on and off glasses.  I was pretty sure I would fling them into the congregation.  So I began to make this a matter of prayer.  “Lord, please help this to be a wise decision.  I ask that you allow the surgery to be successful so that I would not have to wear glasses.”  I know, in the scope of world peace, a pretty selfish request.  Well, I must testify today that the Lord did answer my prayer.  I do not need glasses for the eye that they “fixed”.  That is because I can’t see anything out of that eye!  There are not glasses on earth that can fix my sight in that eye now!  I should have been way more specific in my prayers.

To be fair, I had a follow up appointment with the Doctor today and she said that my lack of sight is perfectly normal.  Once the swelling goes down and my pupil is not so dilated then I should be seeing well.  She then bid her farewell and said see you next week for the next eye.  Talk about needing to place faith in someone.

Last night I worked hard at not panicking as I looked up on the internet what was happening (big mistake).  I decided that I would not panic until I heard what the doctor had to say.  It was not as if, nor is it still, as if things were simply blurry. I was looking through a filthy window.  I was sure that I would be seeing Big Foot at any moment (It was simply my wife!)  I realized, though, that choosing not to panic, not reading anymore articles online, and distracting myself was not enough.  I had to obey Is 26.  My God was way too loving to punish me for being unspecific in my prayers.  He did not play games like that.  And my God loved me enough, that if he decided to take my sight in one eye, then my life would be all the greater for it.  It would be a greater opportunity to be conformed to the image of his Son.  Is 26 was laid upon my heart by the Holy Spirit. I needed to stay my mind on Him and not allow it to going down the path of further surgeries or being a pirate.  That brought peace that passed all understanding.  

This is a minor bump in the road that allows me greater opportunity to ask my wife to get me snacks.  Some of you have bigger and longer bumps. My prayer for you is that Is 26 brings great encouragement.  God will keep us in perfect peace as we stay our mind on him.  It is difficult.  Those other roads seem so natural to go down.  But they only bring fear, frustration, and worry.  Call me if you need help. The two of us can keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and our hearts stayed on him.  At least until we hang up the phone!

And, just to be on the safe side, I am praying more specifically for this eye!!

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