Help Yourself

Help Yourself

“If you are wise, you are wise for yourself; if you scoff, you alone will bear it.”  Prov 9:12
This is probably the most individualistic verse in all of the Bible. Certainly our decisions and how we choose to live our lives effects other people, but in reality, it effects us the most.  If we choose to be wise by fearing the Lord (9:10) the person most effected by that decision will be us.  Our character will be shaped by what we believe.  When we place our trust in the Lord and his Word, who we are is directly effected.  That not only speaks to how our lives effects others but also speaks to how others lives effect us.  Their behavior towards us may have great impact on our lives but how we choose to react to their behavior will be what most effects us. Getting revenge, giving a piece of our mind, ignoring other folks may effect their lives to some degree but it is our lives, our character, that is most effected.  You become a vengeful person.  You lose that piece of your mind!
When God gives us his wisdom for living he is giving us that wisdom so that our joy may be full.  His desire is to teach us to be more like him so that we are able to find true peace and joy.  Overcoming evil with good, turn the other cheek, soft answer turns away wrath, flee youthful lusts, be holy, etc. are gifts to us.  Our choices to walk in wisdom are not simply given so that we have a better society, they are given to us so that individually so that we can grow more and more into his image.  
If we are honest, we make hundreds of decisions to try and make our lives better.  We seek conveniences that we think will improve our lives, we buy special shampoos and conditioners, we seek promotions or further education, we schedule vacations, and we choose friends that enhance our lives.  How often do we search the Scriptures for greater wisdom so that our lives would better reflect his life?  Are we truly listening to the wisdom of the Word of God and trusting these gifts enough to allow them to reshape how we live our lives? Are the different aspects of our lives reflections of the wisdom of God?  Again, whose wisdom we choose to live by will effect others but it is ourselves who are most effected.

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