Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance

We all love Psalm 23. We love the beautiful imagery of God being our shepherd.  We love the way David penned the poem.  We love the truths that this poem teaches us.  Today, I was thinking about this one truth found in verse 3, “He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake”.  As my shepherd, God leads me and guides me through my life.  The word for path in the Hebrew means a well defined, well worn trail.  Sheep are not the brightest animals.  Even though they have probably taken the same path year after year, even though the path is well worn and clearly visible, the shepherd still needs to guide them.  They tend to be easily distracted and they love to wander away.  I can relate.

Probably what many of us worry about most is our uncertainty about the future.  What will happen tomorrow or the next day.  Each day we must make a myriad of decisions.  We worry how these decisions will effect our families, our friends, our businesses.  Are we making the right decisions?  How will these decisions impact our tomorrows?  The greatest comfort that we have is that we have a heavenly shepherd who promises to bring us down the righteous path.  He promises to do this so that his sheep, his children, are well taken care of.  Our well being is a direct reflection on his name and character.

Making decisions can be paralyzing.  Let me encourage you to submit fully to the leadership of the shepherd, to fully follow that which is clear and known in Scripture, and then to trust the peace and guidance given by the Holy Spirit through your spirit and godly counsel.  Do not lean on your own understanding but trust the Lord.  Do not neglect that which you know is right to do.  A great part of making good decisions is to be faithful in doing what God has clearly told us to do.  Be in his Word.  Be in prayer.  Be faithful in worship and giving to others. This places you in the best position to be confident in the peace God gives you in decisions that are clearly spelled out in Scripture.

Life can be challenging.  Too many things seek to pull us down paths that are not in our best interest.  Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and he will lead you down the righteous paths he has prepared for you.  Humbly admit your “sheepness” and the shepherd promises to take great care of you.

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