Don't Be Stupid

Don’t be Stupid

Sin makes us stupid.  We say stupid things.  We make up stupid excuses. When confronted we blame other people, really believing that many will think it is someone else who is to blame.  Sinful thinking is irrational and often ridiculous.  I can remember my toddler age son. Sitting in his high chair in the kitchen of our first home.  We were in the living room and heard his plate crash to the ground.  We ran into the kitchen to see the mess on the floor.  My toddler age son, just learning to talk, pointed to the door to our driveway and said that a man had come in and knocked it over.  Sin makes us stupid.  He really thought we would buy into that story.  Of course we did and egged our son on to expand the breadth of his lies.  Nothing more fun that watching one of your children digging a deeper and deeper hole.
In Exodus 32 the children of Israel forget everything that has happened in their lives.  They forgot the promises of God, the glory of God on the mountain, and the deliverance of God from Egypt.  They forgot the ten plagues, the gifts of gold from the Egyptians, and the parting of the Red Sea.  Moses was a few days late from coming down out of the mountain and so the people beg Aaron to make them another god to lead them.  Aaron, weak kneed and a poor leader did.  Listen to what Aaron said when confronted by Moses, “So I said to them, ‘Let any who have gold take it off’, So they gave it to me and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf.”  See, stupid.  Now, if I am Moses I am following this up with tons of questions.  Did the calf walk out on its own?  Did the calf say anything or give any life giving milk?  Moses, to his credit, was too overcome by the sin of the people to be a smart alec but the stupidity of the account could not have been overlooked by Moses.  Sin makes us stupid.
My advice for you not be stupid.  If you sin, confess it (say the same thing that God says about it), repent of it, and allow the mercy of God wash you.  True and full forgiveness comes when we give true and full confessions.  

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