Bah Humbug

Bah Humbug

We all have them.  We don’t desire for them to be anything much but we still struggle during the holidays with a few “Bah Humbug” moments.  Not everything can be candy canes and gum drops.  So here is my one “Bah Humbug” moment.  Once I get it off my chest, I should be good for another year.

I would like to say “Bah Humbug” to all of those pop stars, country singers, and rock stars who put out Christmas albums or sing Christmas carols on those Holiday Christmas specials.  I do not care if they want to sing about Rudolph or dreaming of a snowy Christmas but please leave the Christmas carols about Jesus alone.  They are songs of worship and praise that mean a tremendous amount to me as a believer in Jesus.  To hear you sing them is a mockery to my ears.  You make millions of dollars singing about wrecking balls, bumping, and twerking and then you want to put on your sober face and sing about the birth of the perfect Lord and Savior.  Too often you are dressed to call attention to yourself, you seek to put on an air of innocence and sincerity, and you try to sing as if you understand what you are singing about. Knowing Jesus is a life changing experience.  It is not an experience you can tack on to your life when it fits into the Holiday Special moment. It was a holy night and he truly is my dear savior.  I understand these songs have been sung a million times and so I suppose you are free to sing your own version of them but pay attention to the words and make sure the tune fits the words. Sometimes your version is so new and fresh that I cannot recognize what is being sung.  I know that these stars may not have control over every aspect of the shows they are in but they cannot even title their show a Christmas special anymore.  It is a holiday special and then they want to throw in song about Jesus from their childhood.  The implication is that believing in Jesus was ok when you were a child but once you grew up you grew beyond that to create your own morality.  Please, for your own benefit, leave Jesus out of it.  End of rant.

I know that this sounds angry but this really comes from a heavy heart. Jesus will not be mocked and we cannot mistake his grace and long suffering for his approval.  I know that I am not worthy to sing about Him either.  In my sin and rebellion, I, too, am unworthy to sing of his great gift at Christmas.  But the Word of God teaches me that my faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross has created within me a new creature.  Even though I fail, he accepts my worship and praise based on his work on the cross.  Even though that is true, He still is displeased when my heart attitudes and my actions do not match my words in worship.  He wants my worship to be done with clean hands and a pure heart.  

Miley Cyrus sings, “I Got so High I Saw Jesus” and “Amazing Grace”. As James says, “My brethren, theses things ought not so to be”. I know my wife does not feel the same way and so I will have to sit quietly while we watch a Holiday Special or two.  It will not ruin my Christmas.  It will, though, make my heart a little heavy.  

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