Been a While

Been a While

There are certain things in life that it is ok if it “has been a while”. It has been a while since I have been to the movies.  It is has been a while since I have seen certain friends.   I know that once we see each other it will be as if time has not passed.  It has been a while since I sat by a fire and watched the stars.  It has been a while since I have eaten kale.

But in our walk with Jesus we need to be careful with “been a whiles”. It is not good when our Bible study has been a while.  It is not good if it has been a while since we shared the gospel with someone. If it has been a while since you participated in corporate worship, then a hard heart is quick to come.  Repentance should be a regular part of our walk and not something that has been a while.  

What I have found in my life, when I have a number of been a whiles in my walk with Jesus, is that I have not been properly fixing my eyes on Jesus.  I am not being overwhelmed by his holiness, beauty, and majesty.  I have allowed hardness and apathy to sneak into my life as I have become caught up in living my life under this sun and forgetting my position in the heavenlies.  It is easy to do, isn’t it?  We just live our lives, day in and day out, and the next thing we realize is that we have neglected that which is most important. Bible study, prayer, worship and fixing our eyes on Jesus is overwhelmed with the stuff of life.  Even when we place ourselves in situations where our hearts and eyes are driven towards Jesus, ie church or Christian radio, we find that we are distracted and our eyes are blurred by the cares of this world.  We amaze ourselves how we can sing praise to the Father and still have our eyes and hearts fixed on the here and now.  

What is the solution?  Repentance.  Confess and turn.  Confess, stop, and turn our eyes back on Jesus.  Look full into his lovely face.  Allow the things of this earth to grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace.

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