Reminders are Good

Reminders are Good

I was with my grand kids this past weekend.  A number of them are young and just learning some of the habits we take for granted.  Because of this, the parents were often heard giving reminders.  “Don’t forget to brush and use toothpaste this time.” “Did you finish your dinner?”  “Did you remember to flush?” All good reminders to create good habits that frankly, would benefit our whole group.  These kind of reminders do not stop when we grow up.  I still remind people to watch out for the deer when they leave our house in the evening.  Parents remind grown children to drive safely.  Spouses often nag, I mean remind, their partners to create better habits.  Today, I would just like to give you a gentle reminder that I hope creates correct thinking that will bring great encouragement.
Paul writes, “The gospel, which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth.” Colossians 1:5,6.  Here is our gentle reminder for today:  “The gospel is bearing fruit and increasing and bearing fruit in your life and in the whole world”.  Isn’t that encouraging?  We tend to think, because we see and hear of the evil that is getting worse, that somehow the gospel has been stymied.  But God assures, through Paul, that the gospel is always doing it’s work and is always changing lives.  Even in our driest times spiritually, the gospel is still changing us into the image of Christ.
Because of this reminder, we always have hope.  We can be assured that each day, no matter how dark or bleak, is a day that God is using the gospel to bear fruit in our lives.  Each day, God is increasing the gospel.  Elsewhere we learn that the primary way the gospel increases is through us.  Our lives are a reflection of the change that God has brought to us through the gospel.  Our words of praise and testimony are used by the Spirit to increase the gospel and to bear fruit.  We may not always see that fruit but we can be assured that it is happening in our lives and around the world.  Every day has purpose and meaning.
Every four weeks, or so, I notice that I need a haircut.  Each day I look in the mirror.  Each day I wash, dry, and brush my hair.  Yet, I never see my hair grow.  I just notice one day that my hair is too long and annoying and I need a haircut.  Often times our fruit bearing and increasing are like that.  We live faithfully and we walk with Jesus each day.  God promises that each of those days the gospel will increase and bear fruit in our lives.  Each day we are made more like Jesus and closer to the day we will be finally glorified.  Each day, even though wars rage, evil continues, and sin abounds, the gospel increases and bears fruit in our world.  Let that truth be part of your nightly news feed.

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