Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

The other day I saw a post by a friend whose, if I remember correctly, wife came into the living room and found her two very young boys sitting on the floor with a table lamp between them.  They were taking turns leaning through the hole in the top of the lamp shade and seeing who could lick the hot light bulb the longest.  When I shared this with my wife she was perplexed and thought it was one of the dumbest things she had ever heard.  My first reaction was different than my wife’s as I laughed and wondered who won and what their time was. I kind of got it.  Now, I would make fun of them for the stupidity of it all but deep in my heart I understood.  I remembered the time I looked at my mom’s blender and wondered if I could stop it one handed.  I couldn’t and my finger hurt for days.  I still kind of wonder, now that my hands are bigger, if I could do it.  My brother, and his college buddies, chased after a tornado.  Some yahoos on the internet strapped a jet engine to a car (forgot about braking).  How about the guy who tied a bunch of balloons to his lawn chair (even if it is urban myth it is an intriguing idea).  I am not sure why challenging your brother to a contest where you lick a hot light bulb is fun but...not sure there is any good way to finish that sentence.

I am not saying that God created men with a stupid gene and that makes them men.  I would probably rack it up more to the idea of the noetic effect of sin rather than God creating boys stupid but this little contest that made me laugh also made me sad.  Our society wants to wipe out the whole idea of gender.  It is part of the rebellion against God.  The elites of our society do not want to answer to a God and so they reason that if we are created in the image of God, then we should destroy that image.  Their goal would be for everyone to get to decide, for themselves, what they would like to be.  Who they would want to identify with.  They decide, not God.  To change what has been the norm they must intervene  until what they desire becomes the norm.  But the norm, with some abnormalities due to the perversion of our sin natures, is the norm because it is normal.  To force otherwise, to make a new normal, is not about allowing what nature brings but forcing nature to be molded to your liking.  My friend did not teach his boys how to lick a light bulb.  They did that all on their own.  Left to themselves.  Boys will be boys.  Some will lick light bulbs.  Some will love music and art.  Some will be athletic.  Some will play with trucks and some will play with dolls.  But the majority will choose to be what God has formed them to be.  Again, our sin natures will bring some perversions of the normal, but the majority will naturally be who they were made to be.  To force otherwise is to suit your desire to rebel against God.  It is sad and abusive.

Our President has recently sent a letter to the States that forbids attorneys from blocking surgeries, hormone therapies etc in children so that they can transfer from one gender to another.  A child is not mature enough to make these kinds of decisions.  They are being molded by those around them.  We all have to agree with that statement.  Otherwise we would legalize alcohol, cigarettes, voting, etc for all ages.  We believe we must protect our children from making life changing decisions like getting a tattoo (most states you must be 18) and yet we want to let children mutilate their bodies on a childish whim. Listen, my friends kids think it is a good idea to lick a hot light bulb and we think they are mature enough to decide to be another gender?  We are not lacking this much common sense.  But we are blinded by our insatiable desire to not have to answer to God.  Do you realize that studies have been done that show that many of the people who have had reassignment surgery regret it.  Those surgeries were on adults.  How many of these children are going to grow up and rue the day their parents allowed them to pursue a childish desire?  

My friends children will grow up and be told about their little licking contest.  They will probably be a little embarrassed but they will not be permanently scarred.  Seeing your kid lick a light bulb reminds you, as a parent, how little you know and it drives you to your knees as you seek the Lord’s protection on your children.  As we pray for our own children, let’s also pray for those parents and children who find themselves in deeper struggles.  Pray for courage to stand against all those who want teach our children their ideas of what is right.  Pray that parents will trust that their Creator knows what is best and what is right.  Pray that our children will be protected by God, even if our society fails to protect them.

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