The Psalms

The Psalms

Have you noticed how often the Psalms are being quoted lately?  That is because the Psalms are songs of praise that are designed to help us speak our emotions.  They speak to everyday life situations and give us words so that we are able to praise and pray to our great God in any situation.  It is important to put your emotions into words, words that are respectful and honest.  It is important to say these words aloud.  The Psalms help us worship during some of the most difficult times of our lives.  Here are a few examples:
Ps 22 – When we feel abandoned and all alone.
Ps 33 – How to rejoice in all things.
Ps 27, 55 – When you are afraid.
Ps 136 – Learning to be grateful.
Ps 79 – Dealing with anger issues.
Ps 10 – When you are being victimized.
Ps 62 – Finding contentment and rest.
Ps 88 – When battling depression.
Ps 107 – When dreams die.
Ps 19 – The gift of the Word of God to help make decisions.
Ps 42 – When you are looking for satisfaction.
Ps 137 – When you are seeking revenge.
Ps 150 – When you need to praise our God.

We could go on and on.  The Psalms help us verbalize our emotions so that we can always make the most of God.  They help us reach out to the one who is able to help.  They help us take our eyes off of our circumstances and place them upward towards the Lord.  They are often written in the midst of pain and demonstrate the hope, faith, and trust that comes from knowing the promises God has made to us.  They direct us toward powerful prayer that is God centered and dependent upon what God has promised.  Take note, during these days, how powerful and pin point, the prayers of the Ukrainian people have been as they quote the Psalms.  These examples of using the Psalms speak to our hearts as we hear the Lord giving the words to pray to him. They demonstrate to us that he understands, that he desires to work, and that he desires to bring hope and comfort.  Take some time to read, meditate, and pray the Psalms today.

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