I Hope I Am Wrong

I Hope I Am Wrong
Today the Supreme Court hears a case that could overturn the Roe v. Wade decision.  The case is really about whether the constitution protects a women’s right to have an abortion.  Even liberal law scholars, who support abortion rights, will admit that the court overstepped in the Roe v. Wade decision by saying the constitution supports a women’s right to have an abortion.  The constitution is silent about these kinds of things (abortion, definition of marriage) and it leaves it up to the states to define these issues.  The problem was, and still is, is that some states are pretty conservative and so those who supported abortion did a run around and brought it to the liberal leaning Supreme Court who believe the Constitution should be interpreted loosely rather than sticking with just what it says.  So, for those who are pro-life, today is a pretty big day as the Court hears oral arguments for the case.
The issue that I am struggling with is from something I heard a few weeks ago.  Someone in our small group, in speaking of abortion, said that the majority of people having abortions today are Christians.  In fact, they said that 70% of all abortions are had by Christians.  I was so taken back by this claim that I expressed my sincere doubts that this number was correct.  While we all know that someone can claim to be a Christian and not really be changed by Jesus, this number still seemed way to high for me to accept.  The thinking is that premarital sex is so frowned upon in the church, that getting pregnant outside of marriage brings great shame to Christians, and so when Christian women find themselves pregnant outside of marriage, it is less shame to get an abortion than to face the shame of sin.  Here is probably the worst part, the majority of these women, when asked if they regret their decision, share that they would make the same decision again and that, for them, it was the right thing to do.  I struggle to believe that this number is not skewed in some way and so I searched the internet and found many articles that support these numbers.  How sad.
Here is where my heart went.  We need to do a far better job, as a church family, in learning how to be steadfast in our stand against sin but in a far more loving manner.  Those who find themselves in sin must feel safe to be able to come to us, knowing we will call sin...sin, but that while holding people accountable, we will not add to their shame.  We will stand by them and will lovingly help them through their struggle.  We must communicate the evil of sin while admitting that but for the grace of God, go we.  We must be careful in our outbursts against abortion that we do not continually put down the women who make the wrong decisions that lead to them being pregnant.  That next women may be your sister in Christ who, when in need, will turn away from us and toward those who accept her.  I am not saying that the fault completely lies with the church.  I am saying, though, that if these numbers are true, then we must talk frankly about what we can do as a church to address this family issue.  We cannot capitulate to one sin in order to address another sin but we can speak to the issue of why our young women find it more compelling to go to an abortion clinic than to their brothers and sisters in Christ.
I am praying for the Supreme Court today.  I am praying that they will stand strong for what is right.  But I find myself also praying for the church.  I know that these numbers probably represent a vast number of people who, while calling themselves Christians, are truly not.  But I still find myself grieved that we may have created a church that is not known for it’s love.  Premarital sex is dangerous, it is life changing, and it is forbidden by God.  I refuse to give in to the notion that it is useless to teach that truth because our kids are going to have sex anyway.  The truth is the truth.  But it is also true that, if you sin, we will still love you.  We will hold you accountable, will help you walk in future obedience, and we will help you through the consequences of your sin.  We are not better than you, we are also sinners who need mercy and grace.  We have no right to cast the first stone.  Family, even church family, need to be a safe haven when we find ourselves in trouble.  Maybe it is time to take a five minute break from fighting the evil culture of our day and address the issues in our own home.

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