Share My Burden

Share My Burden
On October 16th, 17 missionaries were kidnapped in Haiti as they were on their way home from visiting an orphanage.  They are with an Ohio-based mission called Christian Aid Ministries.  Even though I am from Ohio, I do not know anything about this mission.  I do know, though, that the group includes children from 8 months old to 15 years old.  The kidnappers are demanding one million dollars for each missionary.  We are now in day 25 and the best that can be determined is that, at least, some of the victims are still alive.
I have read that this mission is made up of Mennonite, Amish, and Anabaptist individuals.  In one statement they have released they said this, “We, along with government authorities, continue to work hard to bring them home safely.  This is our heartfelt desire, but we surrender to God’s plan and timing.”  That tore at my heart.  What a testimony of God’s grace and mercy in their lives.  They have, in other statements, forgiven the kidnappers and believe the most important thing that can be done is to pray.
I found myself reading an update on this whole situation and my heart became heavy as I thought of the lives that have been turned upside down.  Seeking to do good, seeking to help and glorify Christ, and in a moment of terror, taken hostage and now being held almost a month.  My heart hurts for those moms and dads of the children taken.  The guilt they may feel for placing their children in harms way.  The willingness to give up their life if the life of their child would be spared.  I pray that every victim is being taken care of and is not being abused.  I pray for their soon release.
I am not entirely sure who takes the time to read this blog every week.  I do ask, that this week, you would join me in prayer for these 17 missionaries Individuals that were bringing the love of God to those around the world.  Those who wanted to help children. Pray for their safety, pray for their release, and pray that God would continue to be glorified.

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