Sometimes we just need a reminder.  Here is my reminder for you today, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”.  Be reminded.
Some things in our walk as believers in Jesus Christ are just weird.  So totally different from our walk in the flesh that we almost have to chuckle.  For instance, if I read that reminder in the flesh, it would freak me out.  I would rather wrestle with flesh and blood than against cosmic powers.  But, in my new creation, as a child of Jesus, I find great comfort in that reminder.  Jesus won that cosmic battle on the cross.  He defeated death, he defeated Satan, when he rose from the dead.  He has done all the work.  It is finished.  So my battles today with cosmic forces over whatever present darkness is in my life today, are not my battles to win.  I am called to stand in faith and prayer and in the power of the might of God.  I am to stand in the victory Jesus accomplished on the cross.  That is a whole different fight than a fight with flesh and blood.  It is a whole different array of weapons.  It is more about my heart, my mind, and my spirit than it is about whooping up on something in the flesh.  It is a battle that cannot be lost because it has all ready been won by Jesus.
I find as I get older than I am losing some of those fleshly battles.  My outer man is growing weaker every day.  But like Paul, I also find that my inner man is able to grow stronger every day.  Faith to face the present darkness of the day is available.  Joy comes every morning and it overcomes the darkness.  Eyes to see what is truly ahead pierce the dimness of this earthly journey.  The helmet of my salvation is a reminder, every day, of the grace, peace, and forgiveness that are mine.  Jesus never forsakes, never leaves, and never disappoints.  Today is a day to put on the shoes that will help me step through the muck and mire of today and move towards those who need to hear about how there is hope in this present darkness.  The shield of faith is held high so that the fiery darts of the evil one are deflected. My fleshly eyes are getting weaker, my ears don’t hear all they used to, and my back is weaker than it ever was but, in faith, I realize how Jesus has given me a light burden and an easy yoke.  Satan does not win today...he does not ever win.
So be reminded.  Don’t waste today.  Find hope in the victory Jesus secured on the cross.  Have eyes that see the reality of your future.  Preach the gospel to yourself and to others.  Choose joy.

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Joan G Blanda - October 4th, 2021 at 1:35pm

This is so true in my life and it’s scary but reassuring that Gods in control and I have to pray and wear the armore of God and stand in faith believing.




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