Praying for Afghanistan

Prayers for Afghanistan

I know that you have been encouraged everywhere else to pray for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan but let me add one more voice. There has been one quote, in particular, that has moved my heart.  It speaks of how many of the believers in Afghanistan believe that they will see Jesus face to face over the next few weeks.  About a month ago many of the Christian pastors thought it wise to register with the government as Christians.  They did this thinking that their children might be able to stand tall in generations to come.  That registration is now being used to hunt down believers.  They are being harassed, their daughters are being kidnapped for Muslim wives, they are being imprisoned, and to many expect to be martyred.  So many stories of courage, faith, and perseverance are being told even as this ugliness unfolds.

I struggle as I pray for these brothers and sisters.  I find it easy to pray that God would deliver them and that they would find safety.  I struggle as I pray for their boldness.  To think of what that means and how many will suffer, makes praying for boldness seem to be admitting that evil will have its way.  I find myself clinging to the promises of Scripture that teach us how being absent from the body means being present with the Lord.  I pray that God will do miraculous things in the lives of the children left behind.  That world wide pressure will be used by God to bring mercy.  That our leaders will be given wisdom by God as to how to use our influence and power for what is good.  I pray that the testimonies would bring great glory to God and that those testimonies would be used by God to bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus.  I pray that God would use these atrocities to unite our leaders to do good.  I pray that if God calls many home that they would be allowed to go quickly and without pain.  I pray that God would forgive me for neglecting these prayers sooner.

One pastor received a letter that informed him that they knew who he was, what he was doing, and how they could get to him.  When they came to get him, he had gone into hiding.  I cannot imagine the struggle this man is facing.  How he must be concerned for the safety of his family.  How each family he stays with is putting themselves in danger for his safety.  He has been given a shepherd’s heart and now he must ask his sheep to protect him.  These are not stories from history.  They are happening right now and God has given us, the church, the responsibility, the power, and the privilege of lifting these brother and sisters up in prayer.  Let’s pray with faith, power, and persistence.

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