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The Lord encouraged my heart a few weeks back and that encouragement is still warming my heart today. I just love it when the truth of the Word of God is lived out right in front of me. Of course, it is even more exciting when it is lived out in my own life, but I also love seeing it lived out in the lives of others. It is such a great reminder of how true and real the Word of God is. We have the very words of God! We have a book that contains the eternal truths that actually bring life. It is a book of truths that I can bank my life on and can trust to bring stability in a world where truth is scarce. It gives me a solid foundation that protects my wavering heart. To see it lived out in front of me just cements those truths in my heart and brings great joy.

I was at Prayer Meeting (I cannot tell you all the times God has used Prayer Meeting to encourage my should come) and one of our ladies began to share about a Bible study she had done with her daughter. They had taken the time to not simply read the Word (a good thing to do) but they had given their hearts and minds over to this study. She found it hard to put into words all that God had done in their lives through that study. To be honest, I still don’t know what the study was about. I was moved by her desire to share all that God had done but she could not find the right words and we didn’t need to be encouraged by what the Bible said but that the God of the Bible was enough. You could see and sense how fulfilled her soul was and how hungry she was to do more study. The Bible never disappoints. Isn’t that something we all need today? Something that never disappoints!

As a Pastor, and a friend, I was so blessed to see and hear the awe she felt for the Word of God. She was living the truth that Matthew speaks about when he shares with us that where our treasure is, that is where our heart will be also. They had placed the treasure of their lives and minds into the Word of God and their hearts followed them there. It was so fun to see how excited and moved she was. Her passion was renewed because the Holy Spirit used the word of God to feed her soul. Summer is often a distraction for us. We chase pleasure more than we chase the things of God. Seeing her heart on display was so encouraging in the middle of the summer slump.

Let me encourage you, and let me speak to my own heart, take some time, even during the summer days of distraction, to spend some quality time doing some good, treasure filled, Bible study. Reading devotionals is great. Digesting good sermons is vital. Yet, nothing is better than personal study of the Word of God. I study the Word almost every day. It is the nature of my job. But studying for a sermon or a lesson is different than simply studying for personal pleasure and growth. Go ahead, spend some treasure on something that has a one hundred percent guaranteed return rate. If you do, share your joy with someone else. It could encourage their heart for weeks.

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Richard kozo - July 10th, 2021 at 11:13am

Hey pastor Ed love the blog on this subject. It is true we all tend to get distracted during the summer months with the trappings of vacations and days trips etc. But I have resolved during the summer months especially since my job affords me summers off that I will use that time to draw closer to God through summer reading of Godly books and researching deeper into God's word. Thank you for this blog it's very encouraging.




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