Don\'t Eat Steak

Don’t Eat Steak

So, this really happened.  A few days ago in Bensalem, Pa a group of diners at Golden Corral were waiting in line for their steaks. Apparently, there was a shortage of steaks due to supply chain issues and the chef was having trouble keeping up with demand.  When he finally dumped a number of steak pieces out into the buffet the first person in line began to pick and choose over the tasty morsels.  He wanted to find just the right piece.  We are not sure what was said, but someone farther back in the line said something.  Something else was said and then someone pushed someone else and a forty person brawl broke out.  Chairs and tables were involved.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured and no steak was wasted.  Now, I have been to Golden Corral and their steak is not worth fighting over.  Now, if you push me while I am at the chocolate fountain dipping my Rice Krispee treat, then we are going to rumble.
I think we need to pay attention to stories like this.  For one thing, go for the fried chicken before you go for the steak.  The chicken is a lot juicer.  Secondly, I think this becomes a good barometer as to how stressed, frustrated, and angry people are.  I am sure that more than one or two of those forty people are feeling rather foolish today.  How could they have allowed themselves to get so angry over waiting in line for a steak?  The stresses and disappointment we have all been facing over the past several years have been taking a greater toll on us than we realize.  Our frustrations and anger are just below the surface and they are just looking for an excuse to pop.  We, as believers must play a role in easing these emotions.
How can we do that?  For one, stop watching so much news.  While we need to be informed and aware of what is happening, the news media has found that there are greater ratings is pitting us against each other rather than simply reporting events.  These shows feed our anger and frustrations and cause us to see those who disagree with us as the enemy.  Take a break from this feeding frenzy.  Secondly, rest in the arms of a sovereign, omnipotent, shepherd.  He is our strength and deliverer.  He is always in control.  Thirdly, make kindness and gentleness a priority.  Yes, you have the right to speak your mind. But, in speaking your mind are you truly changing anyone else’s mind?  Maybe you are only adding to the anger.  Maybe the duty to be kind and gentle should override your right to speak your own mind? Hold a door for someone.  Thank people for their service to you.  Tip a little more than usual.  Compliment more often.  Pray with people. Send an encouraging email.  Let people ahead of you in line.  Don’t eat steak but choose to eat the fish no one touches.  Be like Jesus, think of others as better than yourself.  Put others first.  Enter into their world with the choice to make it a better place.  Remember what you learned in kindergarten, “Be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God, in Christ, forgave you.”

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